Albert Belleroche (British, 1864-1944) was a prolific lithographer who forged his own path unencumbered by artistic influences of his time.  Independently wealthy, Belleroche mostly painted women’s portraits until he discovered lithography around 1900.  From then on, he mostly abandoned painting, focusing all his attention on black and white lithography.  While still lives, landscapes, the odd male portrait, and a few interiors can be found in his vast lithographic oeuvre, portraits of women dominate.  His fondness for Lili Grenier, who also posed for Belleroche’s friend Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, was replaced by one devoted in large part to the woman he married in 1910, Julie Emilie Visseaux.  However, a large number of his attractive sitters remain to this day unidentified.

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Also titled: La Divine Reference: Logbook 367.Edition of 6.Signed in pencil.Very fine impression in good condition.