12 Women and 12 Men

Actually, you'll find a few images of men and women interacting in this selection as well. But the point is to look at how artists perceive (wo)mankind. We have mostly steered clear of nudes, which have historically been a major inspiration for artists, and of which you can find more in our inventory if you are so inclined. Instead, we focus on people shown as they are, not what they are. You won't find too many prints inspired by people's trade or profession. Rather, this selection focuses on leasure, quiet, portraiture, a touch of sensuality, and the simple existence of women and men in their everyday reality. We hope you enjoy it.
Jean PUY - Femme Endormie - Sleeping Woman - Ink wash drawing - detail Sold
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Sleeping Woman

PUY, Jean

Femme Endormie (descriptive French title) Ink brush drawing on dark-gray laid paper.  Signed in ink in the image.  A magnificent sketch, drawn by b...

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Henri Guerard - Salomon - mezzotint - detail Sold
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Mezzotint with touches of drypoint printed in brownish-black ink on laid paper.Reference: Bertin 51.|Very likely the second state of two, with lett...

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Félix Vallotton,  BIlliards, Les Raseurs, Lithograph, Paris, 1898., city life, Post-Impressionism.



Les Raseurs (original French title)Lithograph.References: Vallotton-Goerg 42.Numbered and signed by the artist in blue pencil.From the edition of 1...

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Robert Riggs - Out - knock-out boxing art lithograph - George Bellows - fight in the ring - referee calling the fight Sold
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RIGGS, Robert

Lithograph printed in black ink on wove paper. Reference: Bassham 28.  Edition unknown.  Signed and titled in pencil. Also annotated in the center-...

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Jacques Villon - Femmes d’Ouessant - Women from Ushant - detail

Women from Ushant

VILLON, Jacques

Femmes d’Ouessant (original French title)  Aquatint with touches of drypoint printed in color à la poupée on simili-japon paper. Reference: Gineste...

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Henri CHAPRONT - L’Ondine - The Unidine - Woodcut - Dark blue and brown - detail

The Unidine


L’Ondine (original French title)  Woodcut printed in two tones on laid Japan paper.Edition of 30 or 50. The numbering on two known impressions is h...

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Constantin Meunier Tete de Mineur - Minor's Head - Estampe Origininal - Socialst Art - detail

Miner’s Head

MEUNIER, Constantin

Tête de Mineur (original French title) Lithograph printed on chine-collé on a thick support sheet.References: Stein & Karshan 47; Boyer & C...

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Terry Wilson - Anatomy of a Scream - Aquatint mezzotint drypoint - detail

Anatomy of a Scream


Aquatint, mezzotint, and drypoint on Arches wove paper.Edition of 100.Published by Georgetown Graphics Inc for the Print Collectors Club, Washingto...

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 Henri Guerard - Cleopatre - mezzotint - maniere-noire - Cleopatra - detail Sold
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Cléopâtre (original French title)  Mezzotint printed in sepia ink on laid paper.Reference: Bertin 112. Final state. No known edition. This subject ...

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Jacques Villon, Le Femme au Piano, d’après Marcel Gromaire (original French title)  Color etching and aquatint on thick wove paper, 1928-29. Sold
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Woman at the Piano

VILLON, Jacques

 Le Femme au Piano, d’après Marcel Gromaire (original French title) Color etching and aquatint on thick wove paper.References: Ginestet & Pouil...

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Prentiss Taylor - Swinging Torso - lithograph - nude ochre male against simple background

Swinging Torso

TAYLOR, Prentiss

Lithograph on cream wove paper printed in sepia ink. Reference: Quiroz 31. Edition of 20. Titled, numbered, signed and dated in pencil. Very fine i...

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Maurice Denis - Amour - Allegory - Allegorie - color lithograph set published by Ambroise Vollard


DENIS, Maurice

Allégorie (original French title)Color lithograph on thin wove paper.Reference: Cailler 108.First plate from the album titled L’Amour.  Published b...

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Jean François RAFFAELLI -  The Grandfather - Le Grand Père -Etching, detail, 1895

The Grandfather

RAFFAELLI, Jean-Francois

Le Grand Père (original French title) Etching printed in three colors on simili-Japon paper.Reference : Delteil 22. Edition of 100, according to De...

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Louis LEGRAND - Au Bar - In the Bar - Drypoint, 1908 - detail Sold
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In the Bar


Au Bar (original French title) Drypoint on simili-japon paper.Reference:  Exsteens 260 ; Arwas 352. Edition of 30.  Scarce. Published by Gustave Pe...

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Jean Alexis Morin - Morin-Jean - Brodeuse - Femme Brodant - Tisseuse - detail

The Embroiderer

MORIN-JEAN, Born Jean Alexis MORIN

La Tapissière (descriptive French title) Woodcut on thin japon paper.Artist proof; edition unknown.  Certainly only printed in small numbers.  We h...

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