Pierre Bonnard

French, 1867-1943 Like Gauguin and most of the Nabis, Bonnard felt an attraction for Japanese prints, especially after the Japanese exhibition at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1890. In that same year he moved in to a studio shared with...

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Albert Belleroche

  British, 1864-1944 Although well represented in museum collections in America and in Europe, the name Albert Belleroche is unfamiliar to all but a few connoisseurs. This was Belleroche’s own doing, as he was highly regarded by the leading critics...

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Eugène Béjot

French, 1867-1931 A lifelong Parisian, Eugène Béjot started his artistic studies at the Académie Julian with Jules Lefebvre and Benjamin Constant.  He began etching in 1891, under the tutelage of Henri-Gabriel Ibels (1867-1936), but perfected his art with the help...

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Grietje Postma

Dutch, born in Dronten, 1961 In 1984 Grieje Postma enrolls at the Academie Minerva in the town of Groningen, in the Northern tip of the country.  She has an eye on the painting curriculum, hoping to find her voice in...

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Adolphe Albert

As a painter Adolphe ALBERT (French, 1855-1938) is a forgettable artist.  As a printmaker however, Albert’s very distinctive style of etching is anything but.  Crisp lines, sinuous and sensual, make his renditions of elegantly dressed women particularly attractive.  While his subjects tend to have plain features, he elevates their beauty with thickly etched lines and warm impressions.

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Michel Estèbe

Born in Talence, France, February 14, 1954 Michel Estèbe was born in Talence, on the outskirts of Bordeaux. He studied at the École des Beaux Arts de Bordeaux and ran his own lithography studio in Bordeaux for a few years,...

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