Off to the Fishing Grounds


Etching on simili-japon paper, 1899.
Edition unknown, but certainly not very large.  It has become very scarce and rarely becomes available.
Signed in pencil, inside the plate, below the image.
The image is somewhat smaller than the plate size.  What is mentioned below is the image size.  Plate size: 17 x 21 ⅝ inches.

This is a companion piece to a similarly large plate by Edward Julius’ twin brother Charles Maurice Detmold (1883-1908), titled “Duel in the Air”.  Both our composition and the one by C.M. Detmold just mentioned were unusually large plates for the brothers, who used to print their own editions when size permitted it.  This plate was printed at an outside printing studio, due to the large size.

Read more about this work HERE.

13 3/4 x 18 1/4 inches