For a little over 25 years now, Fumiko Takeda (武田 史子) has created prints. As early as 1993 her etchings won her recognition, and she has dedicated most of her artistic energy to this technique. Her foliage, flowers and trees, as well as her birds, bees and bears are generally stages, orchestrated. Her line is delicate, her grayscale subtle and deep and her printing, usually on shimmering chine-collé, is immaculate. Learn more at our website dedicated to contemporary prints, Mesh Art Gallery.
Fumiko Takeda - 武田 史子 - Greenhouse library - 温室の図書館  - intaglio etching aquatint - bell jar books key ivy

Greenhouse Library

TAKEDA, Fumiko

温室の図書館  (original Japanese title)Etching and aquatint on chine-collé. Want to see more work by Fumiko Takeda?Visit our website dedicated to contem...

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