Whether you have a mid-century home that can't take anything figurative, or you simply don't like narrative art, we've got you covered.  Check out these artists whose prints have abstracted reality into something all their own.
The Nave Sold
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The Nave


Sugar-lift aquatint printed in multiple colors on wove paper.A small edition of color variants.Signed, annotated "AP" and dated "17" in pencil.

John Cline - Untitled 31 - 2017 - pencil and watercolor

Untitled 31

CLINE, John W.

Watercolor and pencil on wove paper. Want to see more work by John W. Cline?Visit our website dedicated to contemporary prints, Mesh Art Gallery.

Christian Bozon - Adivinanza - aquatint - detail


BOZON, Christian

Aquatint and sugarlift aquatint on wove paper.Edition of 50.Signed, titled, dated and numbered in pencil. Want to see more work by Christian Bozo...

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